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Prenatal Massage – Edmond, OK

Prenatal Massage

Caring for You and Baby

Prenatal massages are a specialized style of massage that can address the various challenges of a mother’s changing body. Not only does prenatal massage provide much-needed rest, but it can improve your health during pregnancy and encourage healthy fetal development.

Whether you are newly pregnant, quickly approaching your due date, or have already welcomed your little one, I am here to help.

60 or 90-minute Sessions

Wholistic Movement offers a full 60 or 90-minute session to help you relax. The table will be dressed with a variety of pillows and cushions to accommodate a comfortable side-lying position. This position is ideal for all clients as your pregnancy progresses. This position keeps you and your baby supported while allowing access to all the areas where you need relief.

Benefits of Prenatal Massage

There are a great many benefits to massage during pregnancy:

  • -Muscle relaxation
  • -Alleviation of common discomforts like hip pain, lower back, and neck pain
  • -Promotes hormone balance
  • -Decreased stress and anxiety
  • -Increases mobility
  • -Improved outcomes for labor and birth
  • -Boosts mood and energy levels
  • -Increases feelings of nurturing and well-being
  • -Helps reduce swelling in arms, legs, and feet

Regardless of your concern or the stage of pregnancy, you and your baby remain safe and comfortable while you receive the phenomenal benefits of prenatal massage.

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