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    How It Works

    There are more benefits to massage therapy than you may have realized. What I do and how I work are exceptionally different. What do I mean by that?

    Foundationally, I believe the power that created the body can heal the body. This power is God. I value the dignity of each person and understand the one who created each of us has the power to heal. God knows each of us well.

    The bodywork I provide is more than a massage. It is the care of the soul. Pain in its basic function is a signal of un-ease, a dis-ease of sorts. As a Christ-centered wellness practice dedicated to realizing transformational living that glorifies God, the whole person and his or her life is welcomed to the table for care.

    I have trained to work with the body’s nervous system in a unique way to unlock pain patterns from the root. I combine Neuromuscular Cupping Therapy with many styles of Therapeutic Massage, which all together work to help the body release tension and relieve pain.

    Because my approach to bodywork is DIFFERENT, it is worth exploring. When you work with me, you get a partner in your wellness who focuses on the redeeming work of Christ while providing techniques that work. With a proven SYSTEM in place, and a knowledgeable practitioner guiding you the whole way, you can expect greatness.


    Meet Bren Smith, BS, LMT

    A Partner in Wellness

    One’s fitness, wellness, and health goals are specifically unique to each person. Through conversation, assessment, and collaborative planning, I support people to take control of their health by identifying and simplifying their particular steps to enhanced wellness. Through continuous learning and practicing new competencies, I constantly endeavor to refine my skill set and knowledge to serve others better.

    Get $25 off your  first visit!

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