Deep Tissue Cupping Massage and Stretch Therapy

Massage therapy and facilitated stretching have come together at one location to provide for clients an ultimate experience in relaxation and freedom of movement.

Customized sessions meet each client’s needs in as little as 20 minutes or longer in 90 minutes private studio sessions. A session of massage will remind you that peace and quiet are possible and that relaxation really does exist. Your stretching session will help recover lost range of motion and release the tension held in your body. Through consistent participation in both, you will be encouraged – spirit, mind, soul, and body – to become more present to life, take the necessary next step to restore your life’s balance,  and dare to accomplish the life you are meant to live.

Therapeutic Bodywork


Therapeutic wellness massage allows the body to rest while quieting the mind. Whether your stress comes from striving to meet work or school demands, family commitments that keep you running, or simply desiring to experience wellness, take the time for a massage.

Deep Tissue Cupping

When you add Deep Tissue Cupping to your massage session, you have the opportunity for more remarkable healing and much more significant relief from pain. This type of work goes beyond the traditional use of Cupping therapy, combining it with clinically proven neuromuscular techniques.

doTERRA AromaTouch Technique

Enjoy a clinical approach to applying essential oils. AromaTouch Technique is not a regular full body massage, it is a 1 hour treatment. The essential oils applied along energy lines and reflexology points stimulates homeostasis and balance the body.

Assisted Stretching

Stretching each day is the most beneficial movements people overlook on a regular basis. Not only is it relaxing, it is foundational to building strength. Facilitated stretching also known as full body assisted stretching enables the the body to enjoy a deeper stretch for the entire body.

Connected Life Chiropractic

Caring for the patient and not the dis-ease is foundational for acceptance and healing. Serving to free people from the complexities and entanglement the body can express is the purpose of service. This is a practice where miracles are common place.

Chronic Tension and Pain Disturbing Your Peace?

You have nothing to lose but tension and the opportunity to get reacquainted with living pain free and moving better in life.

Experience the difference a deep tissue cupping therapy massage session can make. 60- and 90- minute session options available. Book Now!

Master Specialist

Bren Buchert, BS, LMT, CPT
Providing What I Love to Do

Everybody loves good bodywork, and I am no different. The benefits are numerous not to mention you feel so much better after a session. It is incredible the difference consistent massage can make to reduce tension, pain, and stress. I love massage so much that after 16 years in the corporate business arena, I established credentials as a licensed massage therapist and never looked back.


With each session, it is my intention to help people release deeply held chronic tension so they can discover peace and enjoy the freedom of movement: spirit, mind, soul, and body.


Since 2016, I have enjoyed professional standing with the American Massage Therapy Association.


Edmond Location Across from Mitch Park

Wholistic Movement is located at and shares office space with Connected Life Chiropractic, Suite 120, Edmond, OK 73003. The location is south across the street behind Dental Excellence.


Sessions scheduled by appointment. No walk-in availability. Closed on Saturday and Sunday.