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Are you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, struggling to meet life’s demands? Let me assure you rest and relaxation are within reach.

Your nervous system plays a crucial role in shaping your life’s narrative, and I know exactly how to support and improve it. I am here to guide you to a state of peacefulness and calmness as a result of your own personalized massage therapy session. 

Each one of us is uniquely created with the ability and power to make good positive changes. Therapeutic bodywork is designed to increase your self-awareness, address pain, and release tension through individualized massage therapy sessions. As a result, you will discover a renewed sense of purpose and joy. So come to the table and reconnect with your true self. You will leave feeling refreshed and revitalized, ready to live life fully.

Therapeutic Bodywork

Live Your True Self Well

Massage & Stretch Therapy
Stimulate the body's natural healing process through deep relaxation and addressing the root of pain.
Neuromuscular Cupping
Using cups for trigger point release can help to effectively engage the brain's relationship to pain.
Connected Life Chiropractic
Restore normal body function by reducing stress related interference to the nervous system.

Meet Your Therapist

Bren Buchert


Through individualized sessions, I support clients to live at peace and move with freedom by releasing triggers caused by the tension of unresolved pain and emotional needs.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you!

By scheduling your first visit with me, you have taken the first step towards achieving your goals. I am excited to be a part of that journey. First time clients, if you do not see an available time that fits your schedule when booking online, please call or text me.


Located in North Edmond

Wholistic Movement shares office space with Connected Life Chiropractic

2616 Covell Village Drive, #120 

Edmond, OK 73003